Hair care: How to maintain hair without fading after dyeing

Hair care: How to maintain hair without fading after dyeing

1. Use hair care products with color protection

Apply hair care products with color protection as much as possible after dyeing, which is the most important point to prevent hair fading, because shampoo and conditioner with color protection have certain effects on color protection, and dyeing The hair has a good care effect.

2. Timely dyeing after delivery

Why do some people feel that hair color is so beautiful after a long time? In fact, this is because they have to do the dyeing to keep it, but it is necessary to pay attention to the new dyeing only need to dye new Some hair that grows out, if there is color, you don’t need to re-dye, it will hurt your hair.

3. Avoid ultraviolet radiation

We all know that our skin is most afraid of ultraviolet rays. In fact, I want to say that the hair is the same. It is also afraid of ultraviolet radiation, especially after dyeing. If it is strongly irradiated by ultraviolet rays, it is the most prone to fading. Oh, therefore, if you go out after dyeing hair, you should wear a hat or an umbrella.

4. Try not to blow your hair with a hair dryer

After dyeing hair, try not to use the hair dryer to blow the hair, because the wind tube blows out more wind ions and the temperature is also high, so it is easy to take the hair color on the hair, maybe not very often twice or twice. Obviously, however, after a long time, the hair color will become lighter and thinner.

5 It is best to wash your hair after 3 days after dyeing hair.

In order to fix your dyed hair color for a long time, it is recommended to wash your hair after three days, so that you can give the hair a process of adaptation, and if you wash your hair too early, then dye your hair. It will become a loss, and damage to the hair will also hurt.

6. Do not wash the water when you wash your hair.

After dyeing the hair, when you wash your hair, the water should not be washed too hard, so the water ions will wash away the hair color on your hair, so remember to adjust the water speed as slowly as possible.

Hair care: Reasons for color loss after dyeing

Hair care

1. Wash your hair frequently: Especially in this summer, the temperature is relatively high, so the number of times of washing your hair is also relatively high. If it dyed hair, the hair color on the hair will definitely become lighter and darker.

2. Air quality problems: The phenomenon of fading of hair has a great connection with the air quality environment.

If the quality not good, then the pigment on the hair color will lost quietly.

3. Improper care: improper care is a major cause of hair fading, and improper daily care of the hair can cause a particularly fast color loss.

The above is some small methods about how to maintain the hair after dyeing hair to prevent it from fading. However, Xiaobian also said here, in fact, hair fading after dyeing is also a relatively normal phenomenon.

If it doesn’t fade for a long time, it may mean that you are using a heavy metal hair cream, which is not only bad for your scalp, but also harmful to your health.