Hair care, don’t wash your hair health

Now some people only have a single surface knowledge about hair care. I feel that I can buy enough conditioners, shampoos and other hair care products. In fact, I should pay attention to the way when I am nursing, and the wrong way of hair care. It can also cause serious hair loss and hair loss, and it is difficult to save in many hair care products.

Some people complain that they usually use some conditioners, hair care products to nourish their hair, and why hair is still so fragile. In fact, the problem may be that it occurs in the way of use. If you use conditioner, the correct way is to apply conditioner to the hair ends, if applied to the hair roots. The chemical easily penetrates into the hair follicles, irritating and blocking the hair follicles.

Hair care

Pay attention to the method when washing your hair. There are many bacterial residues in human nails. If you scratch your head with your nails when you wash your hair, scratching your scalp can cause infection. The correct way is to massage the scalp with your fingers while washing, so that you can promote blood circulation and wash off the dust on your hair.

Hair care, don’t wash your hair health

If you are in the summer season, remember not to wash your hair and go out. Because the hair’s protection against UV rays is very low, the same UV intensity, the hair is absorbed twice as much as the skin. Therefore, it is easy to let the hair lose water and the hair is split and dry after washing out. It is also very difficult to repair hair care products by then.

After washing your hair, remember not to blow your hair with a hair dryer right away. When the hair is the most fragile of the hair. It is easy to blow the hair with a hair dryer, causing the hair to be fragile and easily broken. The correct way is to first dry the water on the short hair with a towel and dry the hair with a hair dryer.

All kinds of hair care methods in life are to pay attention to methods and methods of use. Otherwise, if the wrong method is used, not only will it not function as a hair care. But it may have counter-effects and will not be worth the candle.