Round face suitable for short hair

Round face short hair: What kind of short hair is round face? Many people think that the round face is not good-looking, and they don’t know what hair style they are suitable for. In fact, the round face is the most popular face!

Apple Head: The apple head is suitable for round-faced girls, and it is more energetic~

Curly hair perm: Come to a simple bangs haircut, micro-volume short hair is very fashionable~

Short hair: C-short hair is more attractive to women~

Inside buckle: The inner button style is more versatile, you can try all kinds of face types~

S volume: Medium long hair S volume is the most charming sexy hairstyle~

Round face suitable for short hair

short hair

How to make a round face better?

Round face air bangs double ball head hair

Step1: Divide the hair into two parts, and tie it up from one side. When the last step of the rubber band, you don’t have to worry about it. See the picture below.

Step2: The real wigs hair tail may be tilted up, it looks unsightly, all we use a rubber band to hide the hair tail, it is also possible to use a black hairpin.

Step3: The same step on the other side is carried out.

Step4: Finally, I can bring a favorite hat. It is super simple. In fact, it is not only suitable for round faces. Other face types can also try this kind of hair.