2018 best looking 10 girls hair style short hair

Every year, there are many kinds of popular girls hair style, but it is just to see if you are aesthetic. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the hairstyles that I particularly like. If you are going to change your hairstyle in the near future, you may wish to refer to it.

Long hair style

The most popular long hair for girls, the most popular in the middle of the wave, the natural volume with long hair is the most feminine, such curly hair is also the most popular Korean hair, but this hairstyle is a semi-permanent perm If you can’t achieve this kind of effect, it’s usually a styling, one-off, and you can maintain it for up to three days with your own attention, but it won’t be for a girl who is born with a self-made volume. Their hair tips will naturally tilt slightly, and this effect can be formed with a little care.

It is also a long-haired hair style. Compared with the large-volume perm hair, such hot hair on both sides is also very popular. The hair on both sides of the cheek, including bangs and broken hair, is made at different levels to make the hair look more fluffy. And the three-dimensional, long-haired lazy temperament will also double, this kind of sleepless style curly hair is also very suitable when you are on vacation.

Similarly, the side-by-side large-volume design of real curly hair is more feminine. The asymmetric side-pointing is better than the mid-section, especially for girls with short faces or short faces, and the role of elongated face. From the visual round face can also change the face of the melon seeds, the valgus large volume perm plus the broken hair to modify the feminine burst!

2018 best looking 10 girls hair style short hair

girls hair style

Medium long hair

Inside the buckle, long hair, girls, especially a girl’s hair is very common, the inner button design is more convenient to take care of, a perm can be maintained for a long time, is also a lazy must, compared with straight hair, the sense of change is also slightly stronger One point, if you stay in the long straight hair, you can just burn it below. If the face is bigger, you can put a little effort on the bangs or cheeks. It is very practical to add layering or hot stamping.

Hair style in the shoulders, the middle point plus the hot roll design style is relatively mature, the length just to the shoulder is also a strong sense of urban style, from OL to fashion royal sister can try, girls stay in the hair, The requirements for the face are still relatively high, except that the neck is long, and the five senses are also three-dimensional, so that the whole face is not covered like a crazy woman…

Modern popular girls’ hairstyles, hair styles have always been very much concerned, and the long hair is slightly longer than the shoulders, and has a long hair elegance, showing gentle temperament, and better after the hot roll design. The large-volume perm design on both sides is the first choice for those who are tired of straight hair. The curvature of the outer sides of the two sides covers the slightly wider cheeks to make the face look smaller. The light and windy setting is also suitable for the workplace. .

short hair

What hair style is good for short hair? This time is the best for retro style, black short hair can also complete a lot of styles. Short hair cut to the length of the mouth, hanging on both sides will make your facial features become very prominent, black Short hair is not hot or natural. It can be very natural. With a hat, you can focus on your facial features, improve your recognition and age. Isn’t it necessary for many people to cut short hair for this purpose?

BOB hair style has contracted the trend of short hair and short hair in the past two years. When you cut short hair, your choices are absolutely indispensable. The short Bob hair style is suitable for the girl with a short neck. But the shortness can not exceed the earlobe. Otherwise it will be a bit Hey, short bob hair style plus thin bangs. But not too oversized, but suitable for short-haired but low-key girls. Very literary, waiting for autumn and winter is also very durable.