2018 popular hairstyle short hair

2018 popular hairstyle short hair, these short hair styles are worth trying

Short hair straight hair style

It seems to be a very simple mid-range short hair style. For those who like straight hair style, don’t try to regret it. Short hair straight neck trim, medium design with short hair straight hair, not only good care, but also create a fresh summer agility, especially suitable for students to drink a small fresh wind.

Micro-roll popular short hair style

How do you take care of your shoulders and short hair? If the short hair is too long and you don’t want to cut short hair, then you can try to apply a slight curl to the hair, and divide it into a design. One side of the hair will be licked to the ear to reveal the ear. The gentle lady is full of temperament and the hair can be highlighted. Brown hair is very versatile. It is also suitable for women in the workplace.

Egg roll short hair

popular hairstyle short hair

One of the most popular short hairs in the past two years, what do you like about this Korean style egg roll short hair style? The middle and lower parts of the hair are hot out of the egg roll, and the translucent design of the bangs on the eyebrows creates a richer fullness after the hair is curled. It is a short hair style that is very suitable for hair loss, and it is very young. soft.

Medium short hair style

How do you cut short hair? This is one of the popular short hair styles in 2017 and one of the main short hair styles in 2018. The hair is trimmed to the mouth of the mouth, with a mid-point without bangs design, the hair retains natural black, and the vintage has a stylish temperament. It is a sweet hair style that is very age-sensitive and looks good.

Wavy curly short hair style

How do short Good-looking hair? If you like perm and worry about it, then you might as well, the hair on both sides of the hair has a wavy curl. One side of the hair buckled inside, and the other side turned out, which easily creates an asymmetrical aesthetic. Floral flowers create an ethereal atmosphere. Absolutely refined and stylish.

Bobo head short hair

The short hair of the Bobo the most classic short-sighted and short-cut style of short hair. It can said that the wild hair style none other than it. Whether it is a student girl paper or a light girl or a middle-aged woman. Short hair and tail buckle C-shaped volume, with a mid-point bangs to create a more refined face. Simple and generous and very temperament.