5 women popular hair style

5 women popular hair style

Fashion layered haircut

The hairstyle that responds to the texture is the mainstream. In the first 10 years, the Japanese style has gradually declined. Because of the large amount of thinning, the hair style is soft, but the texture and brightness are insufficient. Nowadays, with the flat cut as the trend, the light and natural shape created by multi-level or high-level makes the texture and brightness show the best effect.

Sweet BOB new style

Zero-level, medium-low level, high-level, Bob-style tailoring, not thin hair style outline. Angle, asymmetry or rounded three-dimensionality has become the focus of hair styling. BOB’s new hair style design is extended, and the BOB short hair put on spring and summer appears in another amazing style. Cut short hair or apply perm tips, small changes, let you declare a new creative idea.

Long hair return

Long hair popular hair style

This summer is a good time to have a long hair in the middle. The length of the medium and long hair is about between the ear and the neck. The hair structure is rich and fluffy, but it is not hairy. In addition, the bangs are also a necessity for decoration. It is not trimmed with face lines, but the face shape is modified along the hairline, which makes the gap between the bangs and the face more, and the face naturally becomes smaller.

Student hair style

Youth is lively but not unconventional, and the heat is unrestrained to exude campus atmosphere. After the lifting of the ban, students are eager to jump off the long-standing restrictions. Boys yearn for long hair, the curl is mainly micro-warp, elastic, and direction; female students love the thin and natural multi-layered and elegant hair style design, most of which are floating or swaying. The overall trend is new and not awkward.

curls hair style

This summer’s hair design has always emphasized “light”. The curly hair is the most popular and light and airy! Emphasizes the effect of the overall arc, supports the air by the curvature, creates a light line by the curl, masters these two points, and feels the air. The hair is born! The maintenance of the airiness of the curly hair and the manufacture of the straight-air air are all indispensable for the styling, hair dryer and hand-holding skills.