Care hair starts here

Care hair has become an indispensable thing in life. Without it, you will find that life is very boring, and beauty will drift away from you. Hair care is actually not as complicated as we think. Hair care once refers to caring for your hair. It needs to be cleaned every three or five times. However, in the summer or autumn, it is necessary to replenish the hair body frequently, when it comes to moisture, human hair. The organization has only 10% moisture, so if there is not enough water supply, it will affect the quality of the hair itself.

In the blink of an eye, the trees and flowers began to fade. When we comb our hair in the early morning of early autumn, we will find that the hair will fall much more than in other seasons. Faced with this so-called “seasonal hair loss”, how do we prevent it? What is good for hair loss in autumn? Today, Xiaobian will take you to see what is going on in autumn. How to protect your hair in the fall?

Care hair

Care hair starts here

Autumn is very dry this season, so the water is particularly low, and our hair contains only 10% water, plus dry weather; adding water is the first thing to do, you can get a cup in the morning when you wake up Boiled water can also remove the garbage in the body while replenishing moisture. Or eat more fruits, such as fruits with high vitamins or protein, such as kiwi. Iron-containing bananas, these have the nutrients needed in the hair.

In terms of diet, hair shows signs of good health to some extent. For example, if the body is strong, then the blood is strong, and the blood is strong and the hair is smooth. Those who are soft and beautiful are often physically healthy. In normal times, we can eat some black sesame seeds, black beans, eggs, fruits and vegetables and other foods that have good hair growth.

Care hair starts here

Blood circulation hair growth Most of the nutrients come from blood support, so the hair is bright and supple, and the blood plays a very important role in it. There are a lot of capillaries under the scalp, which are the key to hair nutrition. If the hair is undernourished, it will cause the hair to bend and be elastic, and the hair will naturally not become supple.

Trace element studies have shown that the lack of some trace elements can cause the hair to turn yellow, such as copper, copper can promote the synthesis of melanin in the body, making the hair black and supple. Use conditioner: Conditioner contains more silicide, and there are nutrients that are good for hair. It can smooth the scales in a short time, so that the hair becomes visually smooth and bright immediately. This is like giving The hair “make-up” makes the hair bright and supple.

Use high-power Short hair dryer: Some people always feel their hair is very smooth after washing their hair in the barbershop, but they don’t have the ideal feeling after washing their hair. In fact, this is the role of power, hair dryer hair dryers are generally more than 2 thousand W high-power hair dryer, the wind and high temperature can instantly smooth the scales, so that the hair is instant and supple.