How to care for curly hair wigs?

How to tie it up? Hair curls can add romance and femininity, but the long-lasting shape is not good. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the hair stylist to demonstrate the DIY skills of several curly hair styles, showing low-volume short hair with different flavors.

How to care for curly hair wigs, refreshing short hair curls

Hairstyle Comments: Playful and cute short hair, the most able to show a lively youthful atmosphere. The thick hair creates a rounded curvature that fits the girl’s cute personality. The hair is fluffy and natural, so people want to touch it.

How to care for curly hair wigs two, oblique bangs long curly hair style

Hairstyle Comments: The brown maroon mid-length curly hair creates an easy-going and graceful posture. The long bangs that are side-by-side are very good to bring out the slightly cooked atmosphere, and the micro-curve curvature is not obvious at the end of the hair, which makes the overall feeling light and silky. It is draped over the chest, bringing an intellectual and elegant taste.

Three, bangs big wavy curly hairstyle

Hairstyle Comments: The hair style is quite weighty, and it brings a warm winter impression. The large volume of curvature from the back of the ear, but the messy but elegant temperament, the eyebrow bangs shape is very good to modify the face of the meat, in the dazzling Under the brown hair, the sweet atmosphere is very charming.

Four, dynamic and fluffy

Hairstyle Comments: The fluffy appearance of the hairy look can make your cheeks look very petite, the natural hair ends, the dynamic shape, the light brown hair dye gives the warmth of the winter sun, very suitable for the fashion needs of young mm.

Five, gorgeous short pear flowers

Hairstyle Comments: Full of gorgeous pear flower hairstyle, the thick weight from the bangs to the tail gives a steady and elegant taste, through the slanting edge of the bangs, and the slightly messy feeling in front of the hair, free from depression and monotony .

How to care for curly hair wigs

curly hair wigs

Six, quiet long curly hair wigs

Hairstyle Comments: gentle and quiet popular long curly hair style, full of vitality full of curvature, the fascinating and sleek bangs set off by the eyes, take care of the natural impression, weaken the overall excessive sweetness, create a more sweet and charming charm .

How do you curl your hair wigs?

Seven, micro-rolled pear head

Hairstyle Comments: The student’s full-featured micro-volume pear head can give people a sense of comfort. The bangs are processed into a neat arc centered on the center. The sweet and medium-sized atmosphere adds a playful atmosphere, while the natural brown hair color is a must for popular points. Prepare the magic weapon.

How to tie the curly hair wigs, how to care for the curly hair, eight hairy curls

Hairstyle Comments: This winter is to be a furry girl, the perfect arc of natural creation, the fluffy atmosphere that you want to touch when you see it, the fresh and natural elf taste created, I believe that the boys will see the heart.

How to care for the curly hair nine, light and thin curly hair wigs

Hairstyle Comments: Natural fluffy slightly messy micro-curly type, stylish and dynamic without losing the sense of movement, the overall hair style is thin and elegant, creating a vivid and vivid face that is both good and popular.

How to tie the curly hair to look at the ten, sexy distribution

Hairstyle Comments: sexy mid-point, casual and handsome dynamic arc, intellectual elegance is not lacking, there is no lack of sweetness in the chic, easy to create a super-gas field celebrity posture, naturally not created by the elegant arc, let you raise your hand to spread A breathtaking sexy charm.