Summer long hair curly hair style

Maybe I will think about cutting short hair in the summer, I feel that it will be difficult to take care of the long hair curly hair, it will be hotter, but there are sunscreens outside the house, and there are air conditioners in the room, so there is no great influence on the beauty, so the curls are Summer is still liked by many people. These summer-looking curly hair styles, but who is beautiful!

Friends who want to keep long hair curly hair in the summer may be worried about the summer to stay curly? What long hair is hot in summer? What are the bangs styles for 2018 summer curls? In fact, in summer, there is also a style suitable for summer curly hair. Below, let’s take a look at the summer-looking hairstyle style.

Medium long hair

What kind of roll is suitable for summer long hair? It can be said that the length of long hair to make curls is various. Let’s talk about the long hair style of this micro-roll, the effect of micro-rolling at the end of the hair, and then the hair on the top of the head is hot and fluffy, long hair and medium length. The effect of making micro-volumes is very good, it can be different styles, but it is also small, thin, and age-reducing!

Shoulder curls

Summer long hair curly hair style

This shoulder-length micro-curly, full of air, hair tail turned out hot, refreshing and elegant, fashionable is not simple, students age and light age can be easily controlled, simple is not simple.

Micro-roll long curly hair

Long hair to make micro-curls is more feminine. In the case of bangs, whether it is partial or flat, the bangs are super-atmospheric, and the hair ends are hot and fresh. The texture is very texture, and the dark black hair color is dyed. Low-key atmosphere, stylish atmosphere.

Middle long hair pear head

The long hair pear head style curly hair, sweet lady, Liu Ping super cute, young, dyed this foggy gray hair color instantly has a mixed temperament.

Small wave perm

Do this little wave perm, the whole person can not be active, and Qi Liuhai makes the air hot, elegant and elegant, dyed this linen brown youth fashion, foreign fashion, super stylish, white!

Eversion wavy hair

This fascinating wavy hair is full of femininity and tidal bursts. It is especially suitable for the long hair girl paper with slanting bangs. If you like pure wind and sexy style, you can try it. Liu Hai also makes a fluffy curl with a hair tail. The wavy hair curls, the gas field and the fan coexist.

Fluffy big roll

Long-haired girls make this fluffy big volume instantly turn into a fairy, the hair is thick and horizontal, and the faint air in the middle is refreshing and breathable. The looming exposed forehead is more beautiful, and the long bangs on the side of the two are decorated. The face is small, adding sweet and lovely temperament.

Long hair curly hair

The hair color of long hair curly hair and big wavy hair is yellow for light and mature women, and elegance and intellectuality coexist. The long hair is hot and the big wave is full of femininity, and the gentle wind and the ladylike style are all present.

It is also this big wavy long curly hair, flat bangs are also hot and fluffy shape. Super-modified face, not too greasy, full of vitality. The hair that ends the hair cuts the hair of different levels. And then burns out the large rolls of different levels, which is more refreshing and cute.

The thin air bangs cover the eyes, looming, more beautiful. More charming, with long hair is also a second-generation Japanese sister paper. Long hair sister paper and medium-length hair sister paper can try this popular hairstyle.

I really like this long curly hair, simple and elegant, stylish and beautiful. The tail is the inner button curl, and the hair from below the ear is hot into a wave roll. Get rid of monotony, fashion avant-garde, and super suitable for round face girl!