Three curly hair recommendations

Since the hairdressing tools such as curling irons and curlers, the line between straight hair and curly hair has blurred. With a little skill, you can easily have an ever-changing hairstyle without hurting your hair. Here are three recommended curls for you to choose from, which suits you with different temperament!

Romantic air roll creation steps

1 Divide the hair into 9 parts, roll from the ear side to the top of the head, and fix it with a large reel. (You can reverse the left and right, or you can pair the rolls in pairs.)

2 Gently take off the hair rollers, do not mess after the hair is fixed, use the hair comb or the fingers to slowly arrange the hair curls out of the layer, and then wipe some styling wax to sort it out. It is natural and random. Rhythmic revolving effect.

Suitable for long, straight hair, you bloom in autumn

The beautiful, rich and full-bodied curly hair is full of styles and hearts. The slightly messy hair ends have a light texture that expresses the overall hairstyle. The reddish-brown hair color has a romantic feeling, setting off a ruddy complexion and noble temperament. This hairstyle is especially suitable for romantic dating in autumn and winter. It is warm and has a story. It can catch his heart.

curly hair

Vibrant wool roll creation steps

1 comb the hair into a neat ponytail. Roll the ponytail part of the hair with a medium-sized curling iron. After the ponytail is rolled up, use wax to clean the small shredded hair scattered on both sides of the head to keep the overall shape smooth.

2 Use a hair dryer to blow the tip to increase the fluffy feel, so that the overall hairstyle is vivid and lasting. Then put the pony tail up, use the hairpin to create a natural shape, pay attention to leaving the tip of the roll, and sort it slightly at the top of the head to make you look taller, confident and energetic.

Suitable for short hair and small faces, you pop up the heat and the movement

A very dynamic little hair curl with a light, delicate hair tip that is natural and lively. The curvature of the overall hairstyle should not be too big and too hard, creating a relaxed and soft feeling that highlights nature and vitality. If you are a small face, this vibrant hairstyle will make you more vivid and charming. It can make colleagues feel that you are very energetic, motivated, and very casual when shopping.

Classic wave roll creation steps

1 Spray some water on your hair and use your fingers to “catch” the mousse onto your hair. Here is a technique to make your hair look like when you dry your hair.

2 The whole hair is combed neatly and divided into 5-6 parts. Use a large curling iron stick to roll up from the tip of the popular short hair style. Try to roll up the hair of the ponytail part, stay for a while, until the outermost hair is slightly warm, finally Grab the hair wax on the hair curl with your hand and arrange a smooth and smooth curvature.

Suitable for thick and straight hair, you write urban dignity and warmth

The curly hair of the 1950s is always full of form, and the whole is a meticulous pursuit of beauty. The exquisiteness and warmth of a woman’s bones circulate with the classic big waves. Such curls are best for OfficeLadies who often need to socialize. At the same time, such hair styles can also cover up the problem of wide face shape, which is more effective than blush.