How to remove dandruff

You can see your human nature by looking at your hair, and your hair is also your personal image. The most common problem with hair is dandruff, followed by hair loss. Do you know how to remove dandruff? The dandruff looks very dirty. I don’t know if you haven’t washed your hair for a long time. The following landlord will introduce you to some simple and effective dandruff tips, let’s take a look.

How to remove dandruff small coup? Clean and refreshing hair, everyone envy

Remove dandruff

remove dandruff

Small coup 1, correct shampoo

The correct way to wash your hair is to avoid and remove the important part of dandruff, avoid using hot water to wash your hair, and massage your scalp with your fingertips to avoid bacterial infection. In addition, dandruff can be removed by scalp massage during shampooing.

Small coup 2, onion head rubbing scalp

How to remove dandruff? First, wrap a gorgeous onion head with clean gauze, use it to rub the scalp repeatedly, so that the onion juice penetrates into it. After 24 hours, wash the hair with warm water to avoid itching and dandruff.

Small coup 3, mulberry bark shampoo

Put the mulberry bark into two pounds of boiling water for a few minutes, then wash the head with the water of the mulberry bark, and wash it for 5 days, it can effectively remove dandruff.

Small coup 4, clear water + vinegar

About 1 kg of water is mixed with 150 ml of vinegar, and the water and water are mixed by hand. About 3 times a week, long-term adherence can achieve a good effect of removing dandruff. Not only does dandruff relieve itching but it also reduces hair splitting.

Small coup 5, salt borax to dandruff

Put a little salt and borax into the pot, mix the appropriate amount of water, and use it to dissolve the hair after washing. It has itchy scalp and removes dandruff.