Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

The long flowing hair is the love of many women. However, from the perspective of beauty and skin care, the maintenance of long hair style is not a simple matter. Next, I will summarize for you, ladies hair care four major misunderstandings. These four hair care mistakes may damage your perfect long hair image.

Experts point out that if the moisture contained in the hair is reduced to less than 10%, the hair will become rough and split, and the consequences of frequent hair dryer blows will be the same. If you have to use a hair dryer, you should pay attention to three points: time, distance and temperature.

Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

Long hair ladies hair care

In time, it is not advisable to blow immediately after washing, and do not blow for too long. After washing your hair, dry it with a towel first, but don’t force it too hard, it will make your hair dry and split. The hair should be wrapped in a dry towel and gently pressed to absorb the moisture from the hair. When you are not dripping, use a hair dryer quickly, blow your hair to dryness, and leave the rest to dry naturally.

The distance should be as far as possible, do not blow on the scalp, because the hair dryer is a high-radiation appliance, especially when it is turned on and off, so the switch should be farther away from the head. If you are afraid that you can’t blow the hair roots, you can use your fingers to open a part of your hair and blow it from the inside out.

Attention to temperature, do not be too high. The constant temperature blower maintains a certain temperature, and if it is found that the temperature is too hot, it will also light a red light. Ordinary hair dryers can control the temperature by constantly moving.

Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

1. Firmly comb the hair to remove dandruff. Squeezing the scalp with the tip of the comb does remove some dandruff, but the keratinocytes on the scalp also fall off, causing scalp injuries.

2. Only comb the end of the long hair hairstyle. The correct way is to gently comb the hair from the hair roots, especially those with long hair. If you only comb the hair ends, it is easy to have hair breaks or hair entanglement.

3. When the hair is dry, apply the hair lotion. In fact, excessive hair care will only put a burden on the scalp. If you want to wipe it, you can wipe it on your hair.

4. Hair dyeing and perming are carried out simultaneously. It is best for people who have just burned their hair to wait for a week or two to dye their hair, otherwise the burden on the hair will be too heavy and the hair will be damaged.

The above is the most misunderstanding of the long hair Ms. Perfect hair, you definitely need to be careful, but each person’s hair style and hair quality are different. The hair care method that is suitable for use will be different. Therefore, if you are a long hair lady, you need to know something suitable for long hair. Maintenance.