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Correct steps for hair care

Correct steps for hair care

Hair care is definitely not something you can do at your own pace. If you want a smooth and shiny hair, you need to learn the basic care steps. Many people don’t pay much attention to the steps of hair care. I feel that it is enough to wash your hair with good hair care products. Here’s how to properly wash your hair and share the hair care steps.

    Brush your hair before washing your hair

It is important to comb your hair before washing your hair, especially long hair. This is an important and easy to ignore detail. Comb hair can promote blood circulation in the skin of the head and reduce hair loss during shampooing. It is a good way to maintain hair.

Correct steps for hair care

a lot of wet hair

Start with a lot of water from the top to wet the hair, let the water flow down the hair, it is best to use a shower, the head skin should also be wet, grease and dirt are often hidden in the scalp of the hair roots.

Shampoo, foaming and shampooing

Correct steps for hair care

Pour out a proper amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand. After scooping out the foam, gently massage the hair. If it feels unclean, repeat it again. Hair rarely appears particularly dirty, so don’t rub your hair hard.

Dry water regrind conditioner

Hair conditioner is an important part of keeping your hair healthy and smooth. After the hair is washed, the excess moisture of the hair is dried. The conditioner is poured into the palm of your hand and rubbed from the middle of the hair to the surface. Massage the hair gently for a few minutes and wash it with warm water.

Correct steps for hair care

Hair drooping naturally

Let the hair sag naturally, massage with your fingertips, don’t rub the hair too hard, and rinse your hair thoroughly, leaving no stickiness.

Use a towel to absorb moisture

In order to avoid damage to the hair wigs, do not rub the hair with a towel, use a towel to absorb the moisture, and then comb with a tooth comb. The brushing action should be gentle. Because the hair root is soaked in hot water, the pores are opened and the hair is easily broken.

Moisturizes hair

Moisturizes hair for better hair care, prevents external damage to the hair from further damage, not only prevents hair from drying out, but also keeps the hair moisturized. It also forms a protective film on the hair surface to protect the hair from UV rays.

Hair care, don’t wash your hair health

Now some people only have a single surface knowledge about hair care. I feel that I can buy enough conditioners, shampoos and other hair care products. In fact, I should pay attention to the way when I am nursing, and the wrong way of hair care. It can also cause serious hair loss and hair loss, and it is difficult to save in many hair care products.

Some people complain that they usually use some conditioners, hair care products to nourish their hair, and why hair is still so fragile. In fact, the problem may be that it occurs in the way of use. If you use conditioner, the correct way is to apply conditioner to the hair ends, if applied to the hair roots. The chemical easily penetrates into the hair follicles, irritating and blocking the hair follicles.

Hair care

Pay attention to the method when washing your hair. There are many bacterial residues in human nails. If you scratch your head with your nails when you wash your hair, scratching your scalp can cause infection. The correct way is to massage the scalp with your fingers while washing, so that you can promote blood circulation and wash off the dust on your hair.

Hair care, don’t wash your hair health

If you are in the summer season, remember not to wash your hair and go out. Because the hair’s protection against UV rays is very low, the same UV intensity, the hair is absorbed twice as much as the skin. Therefore, it is easy to let the hair lose water and the hair is split and dry after washing out. It is also very difficult to repair hair care products by then.

After washing your hair, remember not to blow your hair with a hair dryer right away. When the hair is the most fragile of the hair. It is easy to blow the hair with a hair dryer, causing the hair to be fragile and easily broken. The correct way is to first dry the water on the short hair with a towel and dry the hair with a hair dryer.

All kinds of hair care methods in life are to pay attention to methods and methods of use. Otherwise, if the wrong method is used, not only will it not function as a hair care. But it may have counter-effects and will not be worth the candle.

Correct hair care should do three things well

Correct hair care should do three things well

In fact, hair care is a method of thinking, if you want hair to be good, then you need to do a good job of hair care, then how to protect your hair? What are the methods of hair care? What food can you eat?

Correct shampoo

The first step in doing a good job in hair care is to wash your hair properly. Correct shampooing is very important for hair care. The specific practices are as follows:

1. To choose a suitable shampoo, do not use inferior shampoo.

2. Do not apply the shampoo directly to the scalp. It should be squeezed on the palm of your hand. After the foam is pulled out by the left and right hands, wash your hair.

3. When washing your hair, don’t use the fingernails to “roughly” “grab” and massage your scalp with your fingertips.

4. The time that the shampoo stays on the scalp should not be too long, usually 30 seconds, otherwise the shampoo will corrode the delicate scalp.

5. The conditioner should try not to touch the scalp, otherwise the ingredients will block the hair follicles, causing fat particles and even hair loss.

6. Hair conditioner and hair mask can be selected for use.

7. Shampoo and conditioner must be cleaned and not allowed to remain on your hair.

Reasonable dry hair

Hair care

The second step in doing a good job of hair care is to have a reasonable dry hair. Some friends like to blow their hair with a hair dryer. In fact, this damage to the hair is very big.

1. From the tip of the hair, slowly wrap the long hair around the towel, and gently absorb the water. Then, start from the top of the head, slowly absorb the water to the hair, and then dry it with natural dryness. After washing your hair, do not use a towel to dry it. This will only cause the hair to linger.

2. In addition to the holiday and winter, try not to use a hair dryer. Even if you want to use it, you need to use a towel to absorb as much water as possible, and don’t blow it completely. Seven or eight points will be fine.

3. Before applying hair, you can apply a layer of hair care essential oil/hair care essence, don’t worry about hair oil, because in the wet hair state, the hair scales are open, this time the essence oil absorption speed It is very fast. This not only prevents the loss of water caused by the hair drying process, but also ensures the absorption of the essential oil and adds one point to the healthy hair.

Have a good hair

1. Comb should start from the scalp, use the comb to massage the scalp, can not be combed from the middle of the hair or hair tips, the hair brushing process should be gentle, in the case of combing, the upper part of the hair is covered by hand, slowly Comb, don’t be hard.

2. If you comb your hair in your life, try not to choose a plastic comb. This will cause static electricity in your hair and is not conducive to the maintenance of your hair.

3. Long-term braiding and tying, it is easy to cause scalp vasoconstriction, which not only causes headache, but also causes damage to the scalp and hair follicles due to the tension of the long-term tightness of the hairline, causing hair loss, and then hair loss. Causes scalp to age in advance. Therefore, remember to give your hair a holiday every week~ Don’t tie it when you sleep at night!

Hair care taboo

One bogey: scratch your scalp with your nails when you wash your hair

There are many bacteria in the nails, and once the delicate scalp is scratched, it is easy to induce infection. When wiping the hair, gently push the scalp with your fingertips to decontaminate and activating blood.

Two bogey: conditioner applied to hair roots

Since the hair follicles are opened during shampooing, the conditioner is applied to the hair roots, and the chemicals therein easily penetrate and block the hair follicles. It is recommended to straighten out the hair first, apply the hair tips along the ear to the tip of the hair, and do not let the conditioner touch the scalp.

Three bogeys: sleeping with wet hair

When the hair is wet, the scales are open, and the hair is very delicate and not resistant to friction. Sleeping when the hair is half-wet and semi-dry will cause the stratum corneum to become thinner and the hair to become dry.

What hair care to eat?

1. Supplementing iron

People who often have hair loss often lack iron. Iron-rich foods include soybeans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, squid, bananas, carrots, and potatoes.

2, supplement plant protein

Dry hair, split ends, you can eat soy, black sesame, corn and other foods.

3. Supplementing iodine

The luster of the hair is related to the action of the thyroid gland. Iodine supplementation can enhance the secretion function of the thyroid gland and is beneficial to hair building. You can eat kelp, seaweed, oysters and other foods.

4, vitamin E supplement

Vitamin E is resistant to hair aging, promotes cell division, and causes hair to grow.

Hair care: How to maintain hair without fading after dyeing

Hair care: How to maintain hair without fading after dyeing

1. Use hair care products with color protection

Apply hair care products with color protection as much as possible after dyeing, which is the most important point to prevent hair fading, because shampoo and conditioner with color protection have certain effects on color protection, and dyeing The hair has a good care effect.

2. Timely dyeing after delivery

Why do some people feel that hair color is so beautiful after a long time? In fact, this is because they have to do the dyeing to keep it, but it is necessary to pay attention to the new dyeing only need to dye new Some hair that grows out, if there is color, you don’t need to re-dye, it will hurt your hair.

3. Avoid ultraviolet radiation

We all know that our skin is most afraid of ultraviolet rays. In fact, I want to say that the hair is the same. It is also afraid of ultraviolet radiation, especially after dyeing. If it is strongly irradiated by ultraviolet rays, it is the most prone to fading. Oh, therefore, if you go out after dyeing hair, you should wear a hat or an umbrella.

4. Try not to blow your hair with a hair dryer

After dyeing hair, try not to use the hair dryer to blow the hair, because the wind tube blows out more wind ions and the temperature is also high, so it is easy to take the hair color on the hair, maybe not very often twice or twice. Obviously, however, after a long time, the hair color will become lighter and thinner.

5 It is best to wash your hair after 3 days after dyeing hair.

In order to fix your dyed hair color for a long time, it is recommended to wash your hair after three days, so that you can give the hair a process of adaptation, and if you wash your hair too early, then dye your hair. It will become a loss, and damage to the hair will also hurt.

6. Do not wash the water when you wash your hair.

After dyeing the hair, when you wash your hair, the water should not be washed too hard, so the water ions will wash away the hair color on your hair, so remember to adjust the water speed as slowly as possible.

Hair care: Reasons for color loss after dyeing

Hair care

1. Wash your hair frequently: Especially in this summer, the temperature is relatively high, so the number of times of washing your hair is also relatively high. If it dyed hair, the hair color on the hair will definitely become lighter and darker.

2. Air quality problems: The phenomenon of fading of hair has a great connection with the air quality environment.

If the quality not good, then the pigment on the hair color will lost quietly.

3. Improper care: improper care is a major cause of hair fading, and improper daily care of the hair can cause a particularly fast color loss.

The above is some small methods about how to maintain the hair after dyeing hair to prevent it from fading. However, Xiaobian also said here, in fact, hair fading after dyeing is also a relatively normal phenomenon.

If it doesn’t fade for a long time, it may mean that you are using a heavy metal hair cream, which is not only bad for your scalp, but also harmful to your health.