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Recommend four 2018 latest medium long hair styles uk

Recommend four 2018 latest medium long hair styles uk

Most girls like to keep a long hair, and in 2012, hairdressers also highly recommend girls to have long hair styles. It is very easy to change hair styles in medium and long hair styles. It combines the advantages of short hair and long hair. Said that the medium and long hair style is very easy to care for, and it is easy to change. So what are the good looking hairstyles in the 2018 latest long hair lady? Let’s take a look at the attractive 2012 latest medium and long hair style.

Pear flower head girl hairstyle

Cute princess girl hairstyle, sweet pear hair style, to create a summer cool and stylish little girl, half-moon curved bangs hairstyle highlights the curved eyes, a pair of elf cute look, very happy and charming.

long hair styles uk

Middle long hair pear head

The long hair pear hair style is the best to show the sweet side of the girl. The long hair style gives a sweet and pleasant feeling, and the inner buckle micro-volume and fluffy hair of the hair tail highlights the gentle and beautiful girl. Breath.

Fashion long hair styles uk

This medium-length hair style, which highlights the burgundy hair color, highlights the personality of the fashion girl. The slanting bangs bring out the girl’s intellectual beauty, bold dyeing and fashion dress, and the whole long hair style is highlighted. The trend of fashion trends.

Shoulder short hair girl hairstyle

The shoulder-length medium hair length is most suitable for young and lovely girls’ hairstyles. The wild pop-up pear hair type is all-in-one, the inner curls are thin, the bangs are thin, the age-reducing effect is ten, and the simple hairstyle is more gentle.

The above four 2018 latest mid-length hair styles, which one do you prefer? There are cute shoulder-length hairstyles, princess pear heads, sweet mid-length pear heads, and stylish mid-length hair styles. There is always a hair style in the middle and long hair.

How should a long hair lady care her hair?

How should a long hair lady care hair?

For long hair styles, in daily hair care China, not only must pay attention to the knotting problem of hair, but also the combing of hair is very important. Today, Xiaobian I will introduce you some hair care knowledge for long-haired beauty, they can make your long hair more and more beautiful, let’s take a look at these tips.

Hair style 1

Shampoo, dry your hair with a conditioner, a towel, apply a mousse to your hair with your fingers, blow your hair from the roots to the ends, and straighten your hair with a round comb. When the hair is dry, the head is sideways, the roots are blown into the hot air, and the hair dryer is turned off.

How should a long hair lady care her hair?

Hair style 2

Shampoo, dry your hair with a conditioner, a towel, and spray the hair on the whole head. If your hair is straight, lick it from the root to the tip. If your hair is curled, grab the hair and shake your hair to make it curl more naturally. Dry your hair. If you want to make your hair more wavy, spray some hair gel and rub it. Repeat the same action until there are as many waves as you need. Finally, use a curling iron to iron the top of the head 6 inches wide to make it look sexy and casual.

How should a long hair lady care her hair?

Hair style 3

Divide the hair into three parts, the front side and the back of the head. Braided into a scorpion, French scorpion or the usual scorpion. Put all the scorpions together and make them into a ponytail. Then turn the ponytail into a bun and use 5 or 6 hairpins to keep it.

These hair care methods are very suitable for long hair beauty to use. Different hair types and different hair styles have different tips when taking care of them. You can learn more about your own hair care method according to your hair condition, as long as you can use it properly, you can get the ideal hairdressing effect.

Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

The long flowing hair is the love of many women. However, from the perspective of beauty and skin care, the maintenance of long hair style is not a simple matter. Next, I will summarize for you, ladies hair care four major misunderstandings. These four hair care mistakes may damage your perfect long hair image.

Experts point out that if the moisture contained in the hair is reduced to less than 10%, the hair will become rough and split, and the consequences of frequent hair dryer blows will be the same. If you have to use a hair dryer, you should pay attention to three points: time, distance and temperature.

Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

Long hair ladies hair care

In time, it is not advisable to blow immediately after washing, and do not blow for too long. After washing your hair, dry it with a towel first, but don’t force it too hard, it will make your hair dry and split. The hair should be wrapped in a dry towel and gently pressed to absorb the moisture from the hair. When you are not dripping, use a hair dryer quickly, blow your hair to dryness, and leave the rest to dry naturally.

The distance should be as far as possible, do not blow on the scalp, because the hair dryer is a high-radiation appliance, especially when it is turned on and off, so the switch should be farther away from the head. If you are afraid that you can’t blow the hair roots, you can use your fingers to open a part of your hair and blow it from the inside out.

Attention to temperature, do not be too high. The constant temperature blower maintains a certain temperature, and if it is found that the temperature is too hot, it will also light a red light. Ordinary hair dryers can control the temperature by constantly moving.

Long hair ladies hair care carefully four major misunderstandings

1. Firmly comb the hair to remove dandruff. Squeezing the scalp with the tip of the comb does remove some dandruff, but the keratinocytes on the scalp also fall off, causing scalp injuries.

2. Only comb the end of the long hair hairstyle. The correct way is to gently comb the hair from the hair roots, especially those with long hair. If you only comb the hair ends, it is easy to have hair breaks or hair entanglement.

3. When the hair is dry, apply the hair lotion. In fact, excessive hair care will only put a burden on the scalp. If you want to wipe it, you can wipe it on your hair.

4. Hair dyeing and perming are carried out simultaneously. It is best for people who have just burned their hair to wait for a week or two to dye their hair, otherwise the burden on the hair will be too heavy and the hair will be damaged.

The above is the most misunderstanding of the long hair Ms. Perfect hair, you definitely need to be careful, but each person’s hair style and hair quality are different. The hair care method that is suitable for use will be different. Therefore, if you are a long hair lady, you need to know something suitable for long hair. Maintenance.

long curly hair hairstyle reference

Today, Meijun gives everyone a long haircut with a long hair and a curly hair.
Autumn is coming, girls are starting to curl up again, how can the curls look good? Let’s recommend the six hair styles in the big hairs for everyone’s reference. I hope everyone likes them.

long curly hair hairstyle reference

Curly hair one

Do curly hair, think that it is better to make a big roll, make the hair the biggest wave, a natural and unnatural feeling, the texture is clear and a little messy, plus a brown color, very color, It’s really a good match for this autumn that likes fallen leaves. Of course, for the bangs match, if you are a long face, it is suitable for the bangs. If you are a round-faced girl, then the bangs with the flush are also very cute.

long curly hair hairstyle

Curly hair two

If your hair is really a lot of things, it is also very good to make the hair curls like this. The curls made from the edge of the ear have a clear texture, and then the tail end of the hair tail is made into an outer shape. . This medium-length hair style will not have obvious fluffy feeling, and it is very suitable for a small girl with a relatively small face shape. It is a very fashionable hair style with a long hair.

Curly hair three

Such a large volume seems to be the most feminine one. In the TV series, the intellectual women we watched seem to love to make such curly hair. Make the biggest wave at the end of the hair, let the waves reach the messy fluffy feeling, and then mix the hair color. This kind of hairstyle is very charming both from the front and from the back, and it completely reaches the image of the goddess.

long curly hair hairstyle

Curly hair four

For girls with less hair, consider this kind of curly hair, make the curls into this curl, the three waves are clearly visible, and the linen gold is really good. And the main color of such a color system is to show the skin color, which can make you look more white and natural, and your face value is naturally improved a lot. Such a curly hair style, what are you waiting for, hurry up and act.

Curly hair five

Such curls need to be broken at the end of the hair, and then the biggest wave. After the hair is broken, the hair will be the biggest fluffy and messy. This kind of curl is suitable whether you have less hair or more. This fluffy feeling will make your hair look much more, and this kind of curly hair is full of fashion, very fashionable, and many net reds fall in love with such long curly hair hairstyle.

long curly hair hairstyle

Curly hair six

This hairstyle can be determined according to the length of your hair. If your hair is only so long, then you can make two waves. This kind of curly hair is very suitable for small girls. Very youthful image, no need to worry about doing it. It will become too mature after curling. Of course, if you have long hair, you can do a few more waves and look good. It would be great to match a color system.

Ok, the long curly hair hairstyle introduced today is here first. It’s a lot of good hair to make the hair ends like this. Come and get up!

Medium long hair oblique bangs straight hairstyle

Medium long hair oblique bangs straight hairstyle

The slanting bangs in the long straight hair style makes the girls’ temperament more elegant, and in this aspect of the pursuit of fashion sense of many girls, the girls are even more dreamy because of a slanting bangs long straight hair style, below Five oblique bangs long straight hair styles are immediately shared with everyone!

Medium long hair oblique bangs straight hairstyle

The slanting bangs in the medium long hair straight hair style, if it is shaped with a maroon texture. Including the split oblique bangs in the long straight hair hairstyle, your temperament is also more lady hair.

Medium long hair oblique bangs straight hairstyle

For this brown, slanted bangs long straight hair style, with a black dress, this slanted bangs long straight hair style will become more sophisticated.

Medium long hair oblique bangs straight hairstyle

After using this layered aesthetic slanting bangs long straight hair style. The girls can highlight one of the elegant temperament through the shaping of this straight bangs hair straight hair.

The slanted bangs long straight hair style can also be used to outline your sweeter and more charming moments. When girls create this slanted bangs long straight hair style, they can also add a lot of elegant flavor.

Long straight hair pure girl, fresh is so simple

Long straight hair pure girl, fresh is so simple

Super beautiful long straight hair style, coupled with the mid-distribution of the royal sister, deducting the unique temperament of pure girl, have you been tempted? Come and learn the elegant hairstyle below, so that you can’t be beautiful.

Long straight hair pure girl, fresh is so simple

Like pure girls, don’t miss this long hair style. The simple way to create a clean girl’s beautiful temperament, a slightly curly long hair and a romantic look.

The quiet girl’s long straight hair can be loosened to create a pure woman, and the appearance of a little shyness is very pleasing, and the girl’s innocence is vivid.

Long straight hair

The elegant long straight hair can also be pulled out of the princess’s head, which is even more refreshing. The stylish hair color sets off the whiteness of the skin, contrasting with the bright red lips on the lips, and the elegance is clipped with a bit of temptation.

The long straight hair of natural leisure is suitable for the hairstyle at home on the weekend. The long hair divided in the middle weakens the roundness of the face, and at the same time, it can also show the refreshing face of the woman.

The stylish dome black cap is attached to the top of the head, giving a strong black sense of humor. The face is greatly weakened and only reveals a cute and delicate face. The big-faced girls must not let go of this hairstyle.

Natural black straight hair style, with a simple light makeup can have such a pure expressive. Crescent-like eyes, with a cut bangs, showing the pure sister’s temperament.