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5 new men’s hairstyles are here.

For boys, every time you cut your hair, you will talk to the barber more or less. After all, the hairdresser is handsome and handsome about what kind of hairstyles they have recently. They are the first to know.

If you don’t have any good ideas about hair style, or want to change your hair style, look at the 4 men’s hairstyles recommended for you.

Shovel on both sides + short hair style

This hairstyle is suitable for boys with more hair. There is a bangs shape that can modify the facial features, very good

The shovel’s short elements have always been standard on premium hair styles. The shovel with a curved radii on both sides is short, and the hair on the top is unchanged, covering the short hairline of the shovel to create a hollowing effect.

Fluffy + scale hairstyle

This is a very handsome male hair style in the summer of 18 years. This hairstyle is suitable for super-gas, and the special man’s kind of boy.

After the middle hair is shredded, the fluffy effect can be created with the shaped products. The two sides of the shovel are short and remember to shovel a straight line. The only downside is that you need to take care of yourself every day.

What is the men’s hairstyles?

men's hairstyles

Dew head partial distribution type

This hair style integrated into the back and looks very mature and steady.

This hairstyle has no bangs and will be slightly older. But as long as you wear it properly, especially with a simple round neck T-shirt, you won’t feel awkward.

Refreshing and good care

There is nothing to say, the inch is still a lot of boys willing to cut, mainly very refreshing and good care, and super suitable for the summer to come soon.

Perhaps it was not used to watching at first, and the more you look at it later, the more you look at it, the hair that slowly dissipates charm.

Refreshing short hair

Without too much modification, the refreshing short hair can cut short on the original basis.

This hairstyle is suitable for young and energetic boys, but the front of the bangs should not be too thick, otherwise it looks very heavy.