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2018 popular hairstyle short hair

2018 popular hairstyle short hair, these short hair styles are worth trying

Short hair straight hair style

It seems to be a very simple mid-range short hair style. For those who like straight hair style, don’t try to regret it. Short hair straight neck trim, medium design with short hair straight hair, not only good care, but also create a fresh summer agility, especially suitable for students to drink a small fresh wind.

Micro-roll popular short hair style

How do you take care of your shoulders and short hair? If the short hair is too long and you don’t want to cut short hair, then you can try to apply a slight curl to the hair, and divide it into a design. One side of the hair will be licked to the ear to reveal the ear. The gentle lady is full of temperament and the hair can be highlighted. Brown hair is very versatile. It is also suitable for women in the workplace.

Egg roll short hair

popular hairstyle short hair

One of the most popular short hairs in the past two years, what do you like about this Korean style egg roll short hair style? The middle and lower parts of the hair are hot out of the egg roll, and the translucent design of the bangs on the eyebrows creates a richer fullness after the hair is curled. It is a short hair style that is very suitable for hair loss, and it is very young. soft.

Medium short hair style

How do you cut short hair? This is one of the popular short hair styles in 2017 and one of the main short hair styles in 2018. The hair is trimmed to the mouth of the mouth, with a mid-point without bangs design, the hair retains natural black, and the vintage has a stylish temperament. It is a sweet hair style that is very age-sensitive and looks good.

Wavy curly short hair style

How do short Good-looking hair? If you like perm and worry about it, then you might as well, the hair on both sides of the hair has a wavy curl. One side of the hair buckled inside, and the other side turned out, which easily creates an asymmetrical aesthetic. Floral flowers create an ethereal atmosphere. Absolutely refined and stylish.

Bobo head short hair

The short hair of the Bobo the most classic short-sighted and short-cut style of short hair. It can said that the wild hair style none other than it. Whether it is a student girl paper or a light girl or a middle-aged woman. Short hair and tail buckle C-shaped volume, with a mid-point bangs to create a more refined face. Simple and generous and very temperament.

Winter popular hairstyle

Winter popular hairstyle

Winter is here, I believe that many girls are busy changing a new hairstyle, so what hairstyles are popular now? Let’s take a look at these hairstyles for everyone.

popular short hair style

Short hair is a popular hairstyle this year, and it is also a popular style this winter. Refreshing short hair with air bangs really sweet to not, then a little bit of hair, add a playful feeling.

Ultra short hair
Refreshing ultra short hair is definitely one of the popular summer hairstyles, handsome and able to show the summer style, change your blonde hair to bring you to the tide.

Black long hair

Black long straight has always been a goddess love, and is also popular in winter. Many sisters say that long hair will be very hot, but for beauty, what is the heat? A dark long hair shawl, you will be lost in minutes.

Medium long hair

Air bangs + medium long hair also appeared frequently in the summer of each year, this year is a big popular hair style in winter, not only fresh and beautiful, but also very feminine temperament.

Korean long curly hair

Curly hair is also one of the popular elements in summer. The long hair designed by the large volume is extraordinarily fashionable. With classic brown hair dye, the beauty is doubled! The focus is fashion and versatile.

Winter popular hairstyle Medium short hair

Winter popular hairstyle medium short hair

Short hair in the winter is also very good, long hair length just to the shoulders, can show the sexy clavicle, with off-shoulder tops, the skills of the horses immediately burst.

Girls’ most popular short hair style

Girls’ most popular short hair style

Many long-haired beauty want to cut popular short hair style, but can’t find the short hair style that they like and suits their own? So, how do girls cut short hair? The following is a short hair style that is recommended by Xiaobian for everyone. It is also a short hair style that is popular in 2018. It is a short hair style that I like.

Popular short hair style in 2018

I always want to cut short hair but I can’t find a short hair style that suits me. That’s just that you didn’t find the correct way to open short hair. Girls only need to choose the right hair style, so they can always be cute and playful, sometimes the royal sister goddess Fan Er. For the following short hair styles for girls, which ones you like to cut.

Neat bangs short straight hair

A short hair straight hair style that looks dull, but it has always been classic and unbeaten. Shoulder short hair straight hair with the upper eyebrows on the bangs, natural black hair is still not old, but gives a very personal feeling. Relatively speaking, this short hair is also very good to care, make-up or make-up style for you to switch.

Secondary short hair style

Many sister papers often ask what short hair cuts and bangs look good. Relatively speaking, this short hair is very similar to the previous one. It only dyes the contoured blond hair, and the hair trimming is shorter, which is more fashionable. Shortly before the forehead, Liu Hai burned out the small volume design, and the small messyness was accompanied by the temperament beauty of the fashionable lady.

No bangs short hair style

For the sister papers with perfect hairline and forehead type, there is no need for bangs to decorate the summer season. The length is just right to the clavicle to create a little sexy beauty, with light-colored linen hair to create a more summer feel. After licking the hair on both sides to the ear, it is natural and beautiful to face and face.

Bobo head short hair style

Speaking of girls human short hair wigs wave hair type must be indispensable. The tail trimming is just right to the neck part. The bangs in front of the bangs are trimmed with bangs. It seems to be very simple but very stylish. It is more high-profile temperament with linen gold hair. Miss sister who likes fashion street style can’t miss it. It’s also very aggressive.

popular short hair style

Short hair bangs hairstyle

Who said that girls short hair is too boy wind, such a shoulder short hair can also easily create a sweet style. Ping Liu Hai made the inner buckle arc, naturally fiddled with a student atmosphere, with earrings embellished, the side of the hair is smashed, the asymmetrical beauty is full, regardless of the student girl or the fashion lady is very suitable.

Air bangs short hair style

Especially suitable for students and sisters, a short hair style, seemingly simple to take care of, but not lost fashion. The long air bangs are perfect for the big forehead, and you can try it with your hairline. Paired with wild brown hair, it is the most popular short hair style for Korean women.

Student short hair style

You like the beauty of the college, this cute doll hair type you like? The length of the hair is trimmed neatly to the bottom of the ear. As for the bangs, it can be based on the individual’s face and like. It can be said that whether it is a doll round face or a long face is very suitable, different temperament and gas field make it easy for you to show.

Short hair style

A woman who likes to be free and easy must give herself a chance to try this short hair. Neutral short hair makes you handsome boy wind or cute and cute. The hair is cut to the ear part, and it will be made into a partial design. For the face of the melon seeds, you must be capitalized and look good. Absolute temperament and gas field are both full.

Spring popular short hair style

Spring popular short hair style

Spring is here, will summer be far behind? What hair style is popular in 2018, what color hair is popular? The kind of weak long hair style is out! Let’s take a look at the most popular cut short hair style in 2018 summer! Short hair style touches your heart.

The first fine cut short hair style: wine red dyed fine cut short hair style


The boy’s clear face, rose cherry mouth, false eyelashes just curved, smooth lines, beautifully cut, like the hands of ghosts and gods. This wine red dyed fine cut short hair style has a sense of suffocation, and her positive shape makes us remember.


After watching the cut of the side, you can see the design of the front and the heart, which perfectly shows the exquisiteness of the five senses. The eyebrow makeup is followed by the silky lines, unique, very individual, and radiates a charm that no one else can imitate.

Comments: What about you? Do you think that this fine cut short hair style is very unique? It is really rare to use a beautiful curvature to design a superior hairstyle.

The second fine-cut short hair style: earthy color messy short hair style

Spring popular short hair style

popular short hair style


The messy tomboy has a short hair style, a face of the melon seeds, and a messy bangs on the forehead. The overall messy and orderly hair style highlights the exquisiteness of the five senses. The light orange blush echoes the earth’s hair color, and the pink lip makeup just lights up the overall shape.


Similar to the layered sense of the flower bud, the direction of the curl of the hair follows the bangs. The center of the overall fine cut short hair style is placed in the bangs. But this earthy color messy short hair style is not because of this and has a sense of weightlessness.

Comments: Although the overall shape of the focus of the bangs, but the light orange blush just over the feeling of weightlessness. The messy short hair wigs style, although it is a fake kid’s shape, this style still has a sweet atmosphere.

5 women popular hair style

5 women popular hair style

Fashion layered haircut

The hairstyle that responds to the texture is the mainstream. In the first 10 years, the Japanese style has gradually declined. Because of the large amount of thinning, the hair style is soft, but the texture and brightness are insufficient. Nowadays, with the flat cut as the trend, the light and natural shape created by multi-level or high-level makes the texture and brightness show the best effect.

Sweet BOB new style

Zero-level, medium-low level, high-level, Bob-style tailoring, not thin hair style outline. Angle, asymmetry or rounded three-dimensionality has become the focus of hair styling. BOB’s new hair style design is extended, and the BOB short hair put on spring and summer appears in another amazing style. Cut short hair or apply perm tips, small changes, let you declare a new creative idea.

Long hair return

Long hair popular hair style

This summer is a good time to have a long hair in the middle. The length of the medium and long hair is about between the ear and the neck. The hair structure is rich and fluffy, but it is not hairy. In addition, the bangs are also a necessity for decoration. It is not trimmed with face lines, but the face shape is modified along the hairline, which makes the gap between the bangs and the face more, and the face naturally becomes smaller.

Student hair style

Youth is lively but not unconventional, and the heat is unrestrained to exude campus atmosphere. After the lifting of the ban, students are eager to jump off the long-standing restrictions. Boys yearn for long hair, the curl is mainly micro-warp, elastic, and direction; female students love the thin and natural multi-layered and elegant hair style design, most of which are floating or swaying. The overall trend is new and not awkward.

curls hair style

This summer’s hair design has always emphasized “light”. The curly hair is the most popular and light and airy! Emphasizes the effect of the overall arc, supports the air by the curvature, creates a light line by the curl, masters these two points, and feels the air. The hair is born! The maintenance of the airiness of the curly hair and the manufacture of the straight-air air are all indispensable for the styling, hair dryer and hand-holding skills.

Five long-faced girls’ suitable hairstyles

Recently, some friends have asked a question about hairstyles, which is what hairstyle is suitable for long faces? Many people now have long-faced faces that look strange and unsightly, so it is difficult to choose in terms of hair style. How does the long-faced girl choose a hairstyle? The following is a small series for everyone to introduce 5 long-faced girls suitable hair style, for long face mushroom cool reference:


Repair Index: ★★★★★

Hairstyle Comments: The whole short hair is hot and light, and the slightly long oblique bangs are elegant and sleek, highlighting a pair of human eyes. The effect of curling out the curling hair adds a little cute temperament.


Repair Index: ★★★★

Hairstyle Comments: Golden short curly hair shows an elegant and pretty celebrity temperament, elegant long bangs and airy curly human hair perfectly matched, the slimming index is soaring.


Repair Index: ★★★★

Hairstyle Comments: The thick bangs deliberately create a messy layering, and the forehead highlights the delicate face. The fluffy large curls are full of shortness and fullness, showing a sense of atmosphere.


Repair Index: ★★★★

Hairstyles Comments: After the top of the hair roots, the head shape looks more full and round, the air bangs cover the forehead, and the hair on both sides is full and more atmospheric.


long-faced girls’ suitable hairstyles


Repair Index: ★★★★★

Hairstyle Comments: The abundance of brown-red short curly hair is full and heavy, and the large bangs cover the forehead, only revealing a pair of eyes, allowing you to instantly transform your face into a small face.


Repair Index: ★★★★★

Hairstyle Comments: This short hair will give the hair on the top of the head a fluffy three-dimensional effect. After abundance of the head shape, it will shrink in the back of the head, showing a sense of well-being. Liu Hai covers his forehead and is very attractive.