Proper preparation will help you land your cannabis industry dream-job

Proper preparation will help you land your cannabis industry dream-job

This type of cannabis professional helps to ensure that cannabis products conform with all safety and health standards. They can be employed by marijuana companies and government departments. In some cases, they can help enforce laws and regulations governing marijuana cultivation (including those pertaining to pesticides). For this position, you will need to have a PhD or similar scientific degree in biology, agriculture, chemistry, and entomology.

This career path is available to anyone who has completed culinary arts training. In order to create edible cannabis products, skilled chefs and pastry artists are needed. Infused marijuana or marijuana extracts can also be used in baked treats, candy, coffee, tea and many other cannabis jobs near me edible products.

One-third of the cannabis industry’s marijuana dispensaries are located in Marijuana. These complex retail operations require excellent management, just like any other type of store. Dispensary owners often actively hire retail professionals with experience from high-end clothing stores and other quality retail outlets. Some dispensary owners look for people with pharmacology backgrounds. Managers can expect a high salary and a bonus system that includes health insurance, performance bonuses, vacation time, and vacation pay. Advanced opportunities in dispensary work can be found with six-figure salaries. They also have the opportunity to manage multiple stores.

A master extractor supervises marijuana extraction techs. They are responsible for operating the complex equipment that produces high-quality oils, concentrates, and shatter from marijuana plants. They are also responsible for controlling inventory in the lab and keeping work areas safe. Employers will prefer candidates who have a degree in science.

Are you a people person? Helping customers to choose the right cannabis strains is a part of the budtender job. It requires excellent listening, sales, customer service, and communication skills. Understanding the differences between sativa strains and indica strains is essential. It is also important to understand how CBD and THC affect different people. Mary Jane’s different varieties have their own flavors and aroma profiles. This job can look a lot like sommelier, bartending, or even bartending. This is why those who frequently purchase medical or recreational marijuana at licensed dispensaries develop a friendship with their budtenders. A lot of budtenders make tips as well as good hourly salaries.

Many dispensaries are looking for people to help them greet customers and answer their phones. In this role, employees are responsible for verifying the prescriptions and identification of customers. While this is a entry-level position, it can lead to rapid promotion for those who excel in the role.

Delivery of medical marijuana to homes is a great way to keep your body active, especially if you prefer cycling. Delivery drivers are also a common occupation. Delivery drivers are often paid sales commissions by cannabis dispensaries.

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