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It’s important to choose the hair color that suits you.

It is important to choose the hair color that suits you. People always think that the Orientals should be black hair, and the Westerners should be Golden Retriever, but in fact this idea has long been! At the recent concert of Faye Wong, she showed her hair with a short red hair, and fashion was at its peak. It has proven that since red has been popular since last year, it is still the most sought-after hair color in popular hairstyles until summer.

When it comes to red hair color, I can’t help but mention the new generation of young days, Rihanna. She likes red hair color and she has tried various shapes of red hair. From super short hair to long straight hair, all kinds of gorgeous hair can be seen in Rihanna’s style!

It’s important to choose the hair color that suits you

This hair color is really attractive to everyone’s eyes, Blyce’s green eyeball is well-prepared, and it is in line with her slightly reddish skin. The retro red short hair style on the rock-and-rolly Hayley Williams brings a playful and cute feeling. And the design of the curly hair makes the red hair color more prominent.

The sexy red hair of Christina Hendricks has been kept since she was first dyed for a child. Because she was crazy about the role of red hair Anne in the movie “The Beauty”.

The hair color of the seventh super champion of the United States, Carrie Di, has been changing. This character beauty likes to dye hair is everyone knows, but this red wig is very exaggerated. But her healthy skin color is very good. Show it out. A star hairstyle that fits well with makeup.

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Teach you to clean long hair wigs

Teach you to clean long hair wigs

Wigs are usually cleaned every 3-7 days. Before washing, first use a coarse tooth soft brush or a thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb the top and bottom to clean the dirt and dust. Then put the wig into warm water with detergent (water temperature 25-30 ° C), soak for 10 minutes, then gently rinse the wig by hand, rinse with a comb to remove the sticky material on the wig. Note that you must not wig the wig in the water, and the wigs fall off and break. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, brave the towel to gently absorb the moisture on the wig, apply a little hair to the wig, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, then fix it with a curling iron or blow it. If you do not use it often, you must use a plastic bag to seal the collection.

Teach you to clean long hair wigs

In addition, the living wig can be trimmed and dyed as if it were treated with hair according to the user’s request, and a satisfactory hairstyle can be arranged. When you wear it every day, you can use the cartilage ribs brush and the thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb the hair. If it is not used for a while, use the hairpin to clamp it in the direction of the corrugation; remove the wig from the wig before going to bed, and arrange it for ventilation.

clean long hair wigs

What do you need to pay attention to when cleaning wigs?

1. Use a wig-specific comb (anti-static) to smooth the wig. Use a sparse steel comb as a good one. When combing the wig, use a diagonal combing method. Do not comb straight, and the movement should be light.

2. Put the wig into cold water or warm water (water temperature 25~30 °C) for 5-10 minutes. The time should not be too long, otherwise the hair will fall off easily.

3, must be washed by hand, can not use the washing machine, otherwise destroy the wig.

4, choose two-in-one shampoo, gently rub along the hair, avoid rubbing with force, gently grab a hair with your hand.

5. After washing with clean water, use dry towel (2-3 pieces) to dry the water on the wig. Do not use hand-screw or dry in a washing machine. Avoid sun exposure and blow dry at high temperature.

6. When the wig is dry to 90%, gently grasp the hair with your hand, and then use the wig-specific comb to comb the wig (the movement must be gentle).

Wig knowledge you need to know to buy a wig

Wig knowledge you need to know to buy a wig

A wig is an artificial artificial hair that is not naturally grown by humans and is worn for different purposes. In Asia, China has long been a wig. But the real wig is popular in the 12th century British royal family. And later used by the European royal family aristocrats. Wearing a wig to become fashionable, people are competing to follow.

Up to now, especially in some countries in Europe and America, wigs have become the daily must-have for all the pursuit of taste and charm of the Oscar superstars. Social celebrities, and ordinary people, and are as indispensable as fashion. Some celebrities such as American country music singer Dolly Parton and American actor Raquel Welch made wigs popular. American singer Cher has worn a variety of wigs in the past forty years – from blond hair to black hair, from hair to straight hair. The high-end wig has a high degree of simulation. The look and feel, the touch and the real hair are difficult to distinguish between true and false. And the shape is changeable, keeping up with fashion. Adapting to the needs of your different occasions, setting off all kinds of dresses. So that you can be attractive in every occasion. withstand.

Type of hair

buy a wig

There are many materials that can be used to make wigs. Different materials are used in different times and regions, and wigs for certain purposes also have specified materials.

In ancient East Asia, wigs were made with people’s real hair, and some were made with silk or mixed. The higher the true proportion, the more expensive and the more advanced. In ancient Egypt and ancient Europe, in addition to human hair, horse hair (multiple ponytail and horsehair). Wool and other animal hair and plant fiber also commonly used as wig materials. Which also the most expensive made by human hair. In addition to traditional natural materials, modern wigs are made of chemical fibers such as nylon, fiberglass, and rayon. In the domestic market, the hair made by the wig can be roughly divided into three categories: real human hair, chemical fiber hair, and mixed hair.

Real human hair

Real human hair has good breathability, moisture absorption, comfortable imitation, high degree of truth, long service life, secondary shape, high melting point and easy adhesion (easy to care). It is better for a real person to send a girl who has not been bleached and scalded. (shunfa – the root tip is not mixed, the hair scales are in the same direction, and the hair is more natural and smooth). However, it is costly and stereotyped. If it is a hand-made wig, the price is more expensive.

Chemical fiber

The advantage of chemical fiber hair is the super strong hair style memory effect. And the overall has strong support and sensation of flowering (its hair curl is more elastic and vital, hair style memory effect is good, easy to care). However, it has a melting point and low friction and is easy to stick. (the melting point of the chemical fiber is generally about 60 degrees, and the melting point of the high temperature wire is close to human hair). Which is not suitable for secondary molding, and has a short life of hair.
The chemical fiber silk is the best in Japan’s kanekalon and Germany’s top silk. Followed by Korean fiber hair “K wire” and “M wire”.

How to identify the material of the hair

a, chemical fiber product hair quality identification method – cut off some hair with a lighter for burning. ( attention can not held by hand, otherwise there a risk of burns).

If the hair does not turn off automatically, it is a poor quality hair.

If the hair is not only burning but it is very dangerous to drop the substance down.

On the contrary, the shorter the burning time, the less the remaining material after combustion, the better the raw materials.

b, human hair product hair quality identification method – feel cold, soft, smooth, shiny color natural hair is good hair.

Wig accessories

When buying wigs, the choice of excipients is especially important because they are in direct contact with our scalp. If the safety performance is not up to standard, it is very likely to endanger our scalp health. And even cause skin scalp skin allergies and pathogenic consequences.

Wig manufacturing process

In general. Wig products made from raw materials to finished products. And need to processed through multiple processes such as cleaning, screening. Sorting, washing and disinfection. Mechanism products from the hair to the product probably require hundreds of processes. Not to mention hand-woven products, it is an extremely complex and delicate work. The craftsman required to fix the hairs one by one on the hair sleeve according to the design requirements.

Wig ponytail wearing method

The refreshing ponytail is loved by almost everyone, and the wig ponytail can help you achieve any ponytail shape. You can also increase the ponytail volume and add a ponytail to your ponytail. Your ponytail will be even more cool.

Common wigs in the ponytail category include hair ponytail, catching pony tail, pull rope ponytail and tether ponytail to learn how to wear different types of wig ponytail.

Wig ponytail
First, the hairdressing ponytail wearing method

method one:

1. Tie the hair ponytail to your own ponytail.
2. Comb the ponytail and wear it.

Method Two:

1. Divide your pony tail from the middle into the upper and lower parts.
2. Put the rubber band of the hair ponytail on the hair bundle of the lower part of your pony tail.
3. Lower the upper dispensing tail of the split and then use the rubber band of the hair ponytail.
4. Comb the ponytail, blend your hair and wear it.

Second, catch the card ponytail wearing

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail and take care of the ponytail.
2. Fix the clip of the wig ponytail on your own ponytail.
3. Comb the ponytail and wear it.

Third, the wearing of the pony tail

1. First tie your hair into a bun and arrange the wigs.
2. Pick up the ends of the ponytail net and put it on your hair bun. Tighten the drawstring and wrap it around.
3. Finish the horsetail shape.

Fourth, wearing a tether ponytail

1. Tie your hair into a ponytail or bun.
2. Insert the steel card in the middle of the ponytail into your hair.
3. Wrap your hair or ponytail with a wig ponytail and tighten the tether to secure it.